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God's Plan for Prosperity

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God's Plan for Prosperity







How much money should a Christian have?

Have you ever wondered?

If so, then GREAT!  You are in the right place!  You will love Chapter 1.  Mark Gorman writes about this very subject in great detail.

  • How much money should you have?

  • Is money evil?

  • What does God think of prosperity?

  • Does God have a plan for making me prosperous?

Mark Gorman answers these and other questions with fresh insights in "God's Plan for Prosperity".

Prosperity is one of the most controversial topics in Christianity today.  For years, many Christian leaders have denounced prosperity as evil.  In recent times, others have touted it as the ultimate measure of one's spirituality.


In this book, Mark uses simple, logical illustrations to pain a picture of God's opinion on wealth, and how much of it we should possess.


As you read "God's Plan for Prosperity", you will be gripped by stirring accounts of those who use the principles Mark teaches to prove God's promises in regard to abundant provision.


Mark takes a highly debated subject and simplifies it while giving scriptural foundation for each principle he teaches in this easy-to-read book.


2 Corinthians 9:11 says that we will be made RICH in every way so we can be generous...


I was given the tape pack, "God's Plan For Prosperity". After hearing it, I was convicted about my giving habits [I didn't have any.] I am unemployed, my last check from my previous job came in Friday. I determined that if I was going to test it, I had to give at least 20% to "good ground". In the span of 5 days, I had a call back on a job that was offered to someone else who changed their mind, got a call on a second, spoke to a buddy about a third job, received my tax return a week earlier than expected, and God directed us to the mini-van deal of a lifetime. Thank you for being forthright, honest, and tough. We continue to tithe and sow seeds, and we are excited to see what's next.

Mark has spoken in churches around the world, TV stations in several countries and dozens of businesses around the globe.  Mark has consulted and worked with millionaires from all backgrounds.

Do you want wisdom on WEALTH?

You will hear Mark's wisdom in Chapter 2 titled "Wealth".


Thank you so much for allowing us to plant a seed in your ministry. We came to rededicate our lives to the Lord at a business conference. We have been in business for 2 years but have never been able to get things going for us. Since we planted our "seed of harvest" and you have been praying for us, we have had two new business clients and the third one is coming soon.


The rest of the book, Mark discusses topics such as:

  • Rewards of Generosity

  • The 4 types of Giving





And the most popular chapter:



Do you want to own your harvest?


I label this book a *Five-Star* winner and you owe it to yourself to read it..TODAY! Donít miss out on your Harvest! Iíve read over 1,000+ books in my life, and Chapter 10 in this book is all you need to manifest the blessings that are stored up for you! Markís straightforward, uncomplicated, revealing yet truthfully challenging wisdom is one-of-a-kind! The book is a *MUST OWN* for your personal success library. I owe a huge thanks to Mark Gorman for caring enough to lay out the biblical financial strategies that will result in people living their God-Given Dream!



Would you like to find out how you have the Title Deed and Right to take possession of your harvest?


 Copyright 2009 Mark Gorman