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What church does Mark recommend?

How can Mark speak at my Church?

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Frequently Asked Questions
about God's Plan for Prosperity


Q & A:

Q: What version of the Bible does Mark recommend?
A: Markís 2 favorite versions are: The New King James Version & The New Living Translation.  There are many other good versions, such as: New International Version (NIV), ďThe MessageĒ, The New American Standard Version and The Amplified Bible.


Q: What kind of church does Mark recommend?
A: Please contact us so that we can help you find the right church to meet your needs in your area.


Q: How can I get updates on what is happening, or when Mark will be in my area?
A: First, make sure that you are on our e-mail list, and mailing list.  We send e-mails and post cards to those in the areas where Mark will be speaking.  To be sure that you are on the mailing list, give us a call [1.615.591.5900] or an email contact us requesting that you be added to our mailing list.


Q: How can I get Mark to come speak at my Church?
A: Many of the churches where Mark speaks, are the result of a church member, like yourself, hearing Mark elsewhere, and then speaking with their pastor about Markís ministry.  We suggest that you speak with your Pastor, to make sure it is okay to request a packet of information [from our office: 1.615.591.5900] about Mark Gorman and his ministry, for your church. A member of our staff will communicate with you further, after you have contacted us.  Ultimately, the decision must be made by your pastor. 


Q: How can I get Mark to come speak at my business event or to my employees?
A: Mark would be happy to come speak to your associates or employees. One of Mark's gifts is the ability to Teach and Motivate. Some of Mark's teachings are used by corporations such as: Campbell's Soup & Ford Motor Company just to name a couple. Give our office a call [1.615.591.5900]  to request a packet of information about Mark Gorman and his motivational speaking. Once you have received the information, we will follow up to discuss details [Speaking Fees, Dates, Times, and Locations].



Q. Should a business owner tithe on the gross business income as well as the personal income? 

A.  Many businesses do both. We do that with our ministry. Technically, what the ministry gives is not tithe, it is seed. So we sow it wherever we feel led to sow. But the ministry sows at least 10 percent of our gross ministry income, and Mark and Gina tithe on their personal income. It was when we started doing this that we first began to experience prosperity, and saw big doors begin to open. We are not aware of  any scriptural reference which stipulates that a business should tithe, so we would encourage you to just let God lead you. Mark tries not to ever teach anything as theology if he cannot find actual scriptural basis for it. Just because we feel that God wants us to do something, that doesn't make it "law" for anyone else.




Q.  What about Firstfruits?

Since the first printing of Godís Plan For Prosperity, the number on question asked by readers is for more information regarding Firstfruits. Keep in mind that when the Bible was written, basically everyone was a farmer to some degree. Because of this, there was no need for an in depth explanation regarding Firstfruits. In todayís economy, it is sometimes more complicated to determine exactly how to "compute" Firstfruits, and to know the amount which is appropriate. I am hesitant to give too much speculation, if I do not have clear Biblical support for my opinion. Therefore, my first suggestion is that you seek Godís direction for you and your particular situation. He will direct you. Let His peace be your guide.

Several people have asked what to do in regard to a one-a-year bonus. My suggestion is that you divide that bonus by the number of pay periods you have in year. Then, the first "taste" would be essentially the amount of that bonus for one pay period. Then, you should tithe on the remainder of that bonus.

I am hesitant to impose by opinion on anyone else if I do not have clear scriptural direction in regard to Firstfruits. Therefore, I urge you to seek Godís direction for you particular situation.

If you have a question which was not answered above, please contact us with your question.


 Copyright 2009 Mark Gorman