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We have been blessed abundantly since we planted our $5000.00 seed with your ministry. We have had a three-fold increase in our income. Praise God! His Word is so true! It has been tested over and over again and is ALWAYS proven true! Glory to God!


We were introduced to a new tape series that totally reshaped our thinking. “God’s Plan For Prosperity” helped us to see where we were missing the boat. We will be eternally grateful to you for being God’s messenger. Since then we decided to sow into your ministry. We have paid very close attention to the money that we receive, whether it be in the form of a bonus check from our business, a bonus check from my job, or even tax returns. As we watched the money flow in we knew that God was supplying us seed. After we made the decision to go ahead and sow the seed, God has given my husband a new job that is very promising. He is now in a Christian owned company that will give us the income we need to meet our needs and allow us to continue to plant into ministries.




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