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Testimonials from
God's Plan for Prosperity


These are a selection of testimonials on

God's Plan for Prosperity by Mark Gorman.


Do you have a success story to share? Please let us know!




I wish that every believer today would listen to Mark Gorman. Nothing can shackle the spread of the gospel more than the insidious spirit of poverty that binds so many of God’s people. But God’s Plan for Prosperity is the answer! It will bring immediate deliverance to every reader who is willing to follow these clear biblical principles. I love this book!!




The first thought that came to my mind after I read this excellent book was - where was it when I was pasturing! Why? Because I would have made an investment in the future financial harvest of my church by purchasing this book and giving it to all the members!

God’s Plan for Prosperity is more than a balanced perspective on financial wealth and we need that. It is a book full of knowledge, principles and revelation. Mark Gorman educates and imparts to the reader present day prophetic truth and this truth will set you free! This book is a key to unlock the doors to your financial prosperity.




"When Mark Gorman speaks, I listen. Few of his caliber are left today. He is relentlessly scriptural, precise and accurate and unfailingly compassionate in helping people obtain their dreams and goals. He has been a personal and consistent true friend of my lifetime. Every serious seeker of an uncommon and productive life should make this book MUST reading. "



I label this book a *Five-Star* winner and you owe it to yourself to read it.. TODAY! Don’t miss out on your Harvest! I’ve read over 1,000+ books in my life, and Chapter 10 in this book is all you need to manifest the blessings that are stored up for you! Mark’s straightforward, uncomplicated, revealing yet truthfully challenging wisdom is one-of-a-kind! The book is a *MUST OWN* for your personal success library. I owe a huge thanks to Mark Gorman for caring enough to lay out the biblical financial strategies that will result in people living their God-Given Dream!



" I have used Mark several times to speak in my functions. I feel that his tape on Dreams is one of the finest tapes you could give to anybody about anything. It is a pattern for success. It is so fantastic, I’d give it to anyone.

If you want to know how I feel about Mark, I think he's fabulous. I want to endorse him to all my organization. If you can schedule him to speak for you, it’s a very wise thing to do. We may not have his communication skills; his ability to organize thoughts and information, but we don’t have to. We can get Mark to speak, and get our people there to hear him. We believe in Mark Gorman."

Dexter Yager – InterNET Services, Inc.


"Mark, Everyone has raved about your presentation. I thought your message was timely and appropriate. Your energy during delivery of the presentation held everyone's attention. You surely do deliver more than most people expect. GREAT JOB!!!!! Look forward to working with you in 2004. I will have my assistant call to schedule several dates and topics."

Mick Dubea, P.E. - President Red Simpson, Inc. - West


"On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Mark Gorman a "12". Would we have him back again? Can’t wait to do so. He touched many " Terry Argante – Interactive Diamond Network "Mark was a wonderful surprise to our group. The people thought he was incredible, and we would love to have him back again."

Tim Bryan – Downeast Support Systems


"Mark Gorman is one of the finest motivators I have ever heard. He will definitely add value to your function and inspire your organization for growth."

Tommy Harper – Harper & Associates


"We had Mark Gorman speak, and found him thoroughly entertaining, with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. Backstage, he was easy to work with, and onstage he was a dynamo. He was able to maintain the crowd - no one wanted to leave their seat, because they were fearful of what they would miss. His wit and humor, coupled with skillful delivery, knowledge and wisdom, enable him to communicate with great effectiveness. He speaks from personal experiences, which is great, because it’s an easy way to relate to the crowd. While speaking from those personal experiences, he uses humor, which holds the crowd’s attention, and then he "zaps" you with the information that he wants you to have. He spoke at our leadership function, and we would have him in time and time again. In fact, we have him scheduled for one of our major functions this summer. He is highly recommended."

 Greg Howard - Howard & Associates


"Mark’s blend of success principles and humor is powerful and goes straight to the heart. He teaches vital truths that relate to every area of our lives."

Tedd Fish – Fish Associates


I am writing you to tell you what happened to my husband and I since we gave our seed of faith of $100. My husband got a call to build a house, and netted a profit of $14,000! Not only did our family benefit from this job, but 3 other families who were in need received miracles as well. Thank you again for your support and tapes.



We wanted to plant a seed at a leadership conference held in your honor. We were so blessed and our lives have not been the same since. That evening, in between services, we came home and organized all of our bills and talked about plans to make sure that things do not go awry again. You see, we’ve been suffering badly the past four months. We were unorganized and being poor stewards by not keeping a tight reign on our finances. We both tried to keep up with things but trying just wasn’t enough. Your message was so timely. We were hurting badly and the message truly has delivered us. In all of the teachings that we’ve ever had on finances, this one was the one that made sense. In fact, it was almost scary the amount of sense it made.



We had not expected to receive a seed so soon after your visit to our church, but we got it exactly 7 weeks later. My dad had sent us a package for Christmas with a message to not open it until Christmas day. Well, on Christmas morning, I tore into the box only to find a large envelope. I opened that to find a smaller envelope. This continued until, 5 envelopes later, I opened a card with Jesus on the front that played "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" in a little electronic tune. In the card was a check for $1,000.00. Isn’t Jesus great? I got a miracle for Christmas!



I wanted to share some wonderful news with you. My wife and I came forward the Sunday night you were here to tell you that the Lord had impressed both of us, at the same time, to be one of your 300 for 2004. About a month later, my wife had her annual review at work. Not only did she get a promotion, she received a 20% raise which amounted to about 6 times the amount we pledged to your ministry for 2004 (makes us wonder if we should have pledged more). God is faithful.



My breakthrough began over 3 years ago. The Holy Spirit confirmed in my heart that I needed to sow a $1000 seed. In spite of my circumstances, I wrote the check that night and watched as miracle after miracle began happening in my life. I sowed another $1000 into my church a year later and the third $1000 into Mark Ministries, Inc. Within 30 days after the third seed, I had a prospect for the building and within 90 days, I sold the building for $300,000. A one hundred-fold return! I am still rejoicing and I know there’s more to come.



While attending a fall leadership, we pledged to your ministry. It was truly a step out in faith because we did not have the money. Just this past week, we received a check for $1,300.00. We just wanted you to know so you could rejoice with us.



I attended one of your Partner Breakfasts and pledged $1,000.00 to your ministry. At that breakfast I gave you my first installment of $100.00. Almost immediately after the breakfast, my husband received a job offer from the largest mortgage company in Minnesota. The income potential is impressive, but the best part of the new job was that he could resign from his previous position at a brokerage company that had horrible ethics. He has now finished an extensive training program and has now received his first “real” check. I am enclosing another $100.00 installment to put towards the $1,000.00 that I pledged.



We attended the Dallas Ministry Breakfast in December and made the $1,000.00 commitment in the event it came our way. At the time we made that commitment, we could not imagine where any extra money would be coming our way. On February 1, I was notified that I would be receiving a bonus at my job. This was totally unexpected. We knew immediately where this money was going. Here is our bonus that covers one half of our commitment. I have no doubt that the remainder of our commitment will come sometime this year. This only proves that when you make the commitment, it will happen.



Since we became one of the “300” last month, much has happened in our lives. When we attended the conference, I had been laid off from work. Within 10 days of pledging to be part of the “300”, I found a new job that pays better, I like it more, I work with mostly Christians now, and the commute has been reduced from 40 minutes to 5 minutes. Additionally, we had been in the process of refinancing our mortgage. Every time a possible problem came up, it just seemed to melt away. Thank you for your ministry and prayers.



More Testimonials


My husband and I want to thank you for opening up this opportunity to sow into your ministry. We gave our first check in August and we received a $15,000.00 debt release in September, less than 6 weeks later. God is so faithful to His Word. Our finances continue to improve daily, and we are not looking back.



We attended your breakfast seminar in Sacramento. You told us to expect a harvest and write you when it happened. Well, it did! We received unexpectedly $5,000! Praise God!



I am one of your “300” that sows monthly into your ministry. I wanted to thank you for your teaching on “The 4 Types of Giving”.

I thoroughly enjoyed these tapes and learned a lot! I was feeling down because my goal this year was to double my income from my job, and I didn’t think it was in range. Then I realized that I have already increased my income by over 20% from last year. All this happened while the company I work for went through a terrible reporting fraud and bankruptcy/ restructuring. On top of that, the Lord has given me tremendous favor among my employers and colleagues. It seems so easy to focus on what we feel God “owes” us instead of focusing on how we have been wonderfully blessed. Thank you for the attitude adjustment and for your prayers on my behalf.



During the Spiritual Warfare weekend in Charlotte, we donated $50, and committed that if somehow, the additional money would come to us, we would be one of the "300". It has been a very lean year for our household, as well as the company I am employed by. I won’t get into all the details of the company bonus program, but it is an annual bonus that is paid quarterly. There are also components that are not based on sales. If at the end of the year, you were paid a bonus earlier in the year, and the year end sales numbers are not reached, you owe the money back to the company. There were no sales bonuses due at the end of the year to anyone in our company. I, and several of my counterparts, had been paid a small bonus during the second quarter. I was prepared to have this money deducted from the other rather meager miner bonus due from non-sales related activities. When our Vice President of Sales was reviewing the bonuses with our President, or better yet, how much everyone owed the company, the President stated that "Frank doesn’t have to pay back the bonus received in the second quarter". I was the only one he did this for. The VP of sales is still bewildered. But we know why!... This is seed money God intended for your ministry.



I was in your service when you spoke at our home church. My husband and I have always been givers to God’s work, our home church, and other ministers and we thank God for blessing us. My husband owns a well drilling company, which relies on the economy. On Sunday we put our $1,000.00 check in the offering and on Monday my husband got seven new jobs. A local competition called to tell my husband his phone has stopped ringing. All Glory to God.



Our previous “seeds” have had bountiful, exciting and heart filled harvests! Our company has enjoyed the harvest of 2 new, very nice work vans and the adding of another employee. Our family has the pleasure to announce that my husband’s father has finally accepted the Lord as his Savior full-heartedly! My husband has prayed for his father since he was 7 years old. There are other day to day blessings, too numerous to count. The Lord is ever present in our lives.


During one of your business conferences, you and I came into agreement about a seed offering my wife and I desired to sow into your ministry. As you know, we were believing God to hasten the sale of a van we owned. We placed an advertisement in the newspaper Sunday. We received only one call about the van. The man came and drove it. He then gave us what we wanted for the van. We sowed a seed of $100.00 believing for the sale to generate a $1000.00 seed – a seed sown to break the back of poverty. The van sold and our prayer was answered. Please find a check enclosed for your ministry of $1000.00.


We have been blessed abundantly since we planted our $5000.00 seed with your ministry. We have had a three-fold increase in our income. Praise God! His Word is so true! It has been tested over and over again and is ALWAYS proven true! Glory to God!



We were introduced to a new tape series that totally reshaped our thinking. “God’s Plan For Prosperity” helped us to see where we were missing the boat. We will be eternally grateful to you for being God’s messenger. Since then we decided to sow into your ministry. We have paid very close attention to the money that we receive, whether it be in the form of a bonus check from our business, a bonus check from my job, or even tax returns. As we watched the money flow in we knew that God was supplying us seed. After we made the decision to go ahead and sow the seed, God has given my husband a new job that is very promising. He is now in a Christian owned company that will give us the income we need to meet our needs and allow us to continue to plant into ministries.



I’m writing to let you know what God has been up to in my life as a result of your ministry. I was at the Spiritual Warfare Conference in Charlotte. I pledged to sow $1000 into your ministry if in the next 12 months, God provided extra that wasn’t expected and went above normal needs. I went to Alabama for Easter to take my unsaved dad and brothers to an Easter production two weeks after the conference.

As we were driving to the play, my husband called and asked me if we were expecting a check. It was our mortgage company. They had mailed an escrow check for $1,036.71! I realized  immediately that this was our seed. Praise God! I am so fired up! Thank you so much for your ministry and for your awesome anointed teaching.



 Copyright 2009 Mark Gorman